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ICSK Senior organizes yuletide festivities and holiday carousing
January 2, 2018, 12:58 pm

Christmas was celebrated at the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK), Senior on 21 December with splendour. The spirit of festivity was rife among the staff and students of ICSK and the message that ‘Christmas gives Hope’ was expressed through the posters and artwork that decorated the walls.

Costumed students took the audience on a delightful journey to the past in their blissful enactment of the Nativity scene. The holiday spirit can never be complete without the cheery bells and Christmas ditties, and so the audience was captivated in a rapturous session of Christmas caroling. A resplendent Christmas tree jazzed up the holiday energy.

The lively efforts of the students and the teachers of class VIII B was complimented by the Vice Principal, Dr. Sam T. Kuruvila, who further expressed the significance of hope, peace, love and salvation in Christmas. He reminded the audience that Christmas was the season of joy and encouraged everyone to share their happiness with all.

The much-awaited guest of the day was welcomed on the dais, and the audience was dazzled with a gust of bright red and white – the one and only Santa Claus. Santa distributed candies and sweets to his admirers from the big bag of goodies he carried. As he took the stage, Santa reiterated the message that Christmas was a season when Miracles could happen. The Vice Principal then invited Master Aneez Mohammed, President of the School Senate to address the gathering. Master Aneez Mohammed spoke about his early beginnings as a quiet, shy child who built up his confidence at ICSK, Senior when he realized that it was not just the infrastructure that made the school special, but the students and staff.

Santa wished the audience a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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