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ICSK (Senior) organizes Gyanotsav 2017
June 1, 2017, 1:53 pm

ICSK (Senior) hosted Gyanotsav, an annual educational fair, on 18 May.

The campus of the Senior branch underwent a marked change to accommodate the teeming, abundant talent of the students. The industriously embellished rooms of the school reflected the concerted efforts of student and staff to frame-up “knowledge”, in many forms of still and working models, live presentations, culinary skills and digital displays. The Edu fair was halved into two entertaining sessions - the initial morning session welcomed students of invited Indian schools in Kuwait, and the following session was open to all. The distinguished Dr. Amer Ahmed of the Indian Doctors Forum graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, accompanied by Joint Secretary of the Board of Trustees Agnello Fernandes.

The twenty-six departments of the school worked fervently in the creation of their exhibits, and competed under three broad categories. The general theme prevailing through all the rooms was ‘Educational Technology for Human Welfare and Social Development’.

The department of Fashion Studies stood out with their spectacular “glow-in-the-dark” exhibits that accompanied their innovative interior designing ideas. The competing Psychology department delved its audience into virtual reality, presenting details on human phobias, levitation and coping with depression.  Within the pure sciences, the department of Physics demonstrated novel practicalities such as the hydraulic robot car, the ‘Fleiner- Rotor room’, an eco- friendly wave powered kinetic converter, and an edge avoiding robot. The array of working models presented by the Science department caught the attention of the public. Lucid explanation and clear presentation made the laws and theories simple before the viewers.

The department of English indulged its audience into the captivating world of Fiction. Viewers walked down nostalgic memory lanes through classical fiction works, and were introduced to the intoxicating new microcosms of fantasy, horror and science-fiction, through charts, handmade manuscript magazines and digital displays. The gallery also witnessed an enticing play on the importance of mothers. The budding novices of the Business Studies Department underscored the prominence of the Primary sector with exhibits on poultry farming and dairy farming. The crucial role of the various zones in the manufacturing industry was also highlighted. Social media marketing was included as the primary themes and community banks offered banking services by the students

The Home Science and French departments colluded in an explosion of delicious flavours, flaunting the culinary skills of the members. The Physical Education department created live sport courts where visitors could engage in recreation and sports. The Economics department fascinated visitors with floral carpets portraying flagship projects like Make in India, Green India, and Swachh Bharat. The Dance and Music departments illuminated the campus with impressive performances by brilliant, skilled artists.

The departments of Web Technology, Computer Science and Informatics blew the minds of the viewers with exhibits of virtual realities that transported them into different worlds. The departments of Hindi and Art were essentially informative with their attention-grabbing displays. The department of Mathematics adeptly made use of statistical tools like pie chart, frequency polygon which effectively conveyed concepts, BMI charts and their highlight being the pyramid of triangles. This edition of Gyanotsav witnessed the active participation of the newly added department of Entrepreneurship, where students enacted role plays of leading entrepreneurs around the world.

The students of ICSK Senior enjoyed their day as they indulged in ‘learning by doing’, which is a primary goal of the institution. The introduction of the on-the-spot exhibit where participants were to recreate their ideas on the spot within ten minutes ignited the competitive spirit among the contestants. Commendably, the Coordinator of the event Vinod Lakshmanan and the Joint Coordinator D. John announced that one thousand two hundred twenty four exhibits were put on display in the campus. Prizes were awarded to the winners based on the judgement made by eminent panel in three categories – Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary. The grand exhibition concluded with raving reviews and applause of all who attended including students of other CBSE affiliated schools in Kuwait and a large number of parent community.

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