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ICSK (Senior) helps the needy with benevolent gesture
September 28, 2017, 5:26 pm

Students from Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Senior learnt an invaluable lesson through a unique charity program. As a result, birthday celebrations and special occasions have taken a new meaning at ICSK Senior. The students are encouraged to make a voluntary donation on their birthdays, by sacrificing something from their lives. The Staff members also contribute to this fund. The money collected is distributed once a month to the needy Cancer patients who are identified and sent to the school by the Kuwait Cancer Center.

The guests are handed over the cash assistance during school assembly further arousing compassion in all school students. A charity box available in each class and every class has a student charity convener who coordinates the collections. The school has a charity committee comprising 5 teachers of the school, 5 students and 5 parent members. The balance sheet of the fund is published in the ICSK Senior monthly school magazine ‘EPICS’. The charity program at ICSK Senior aims to help the cancer-stricken destitute people.

The morning of 28 September, 2017 saw ICSK family reaching out its benevolent hands to Nashad Ali, Thomas D’Souza ,Rina Batchu Holader, Mohd Humayu. An amount of KD 600 in total was distributed to the needy by donating KD 150 per person. It has the most far-reaching effect in creating a better society by inculcating empathy in students. In fact, ICSK magnificently succeeded to generate empathy and social commitment among the students through the charity program.

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