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ICSK Khaitan welcomes new btach of tiny tots
April 23, 2018, 3:19 pm

It is said that a great education begins with a great kindergarten experience! Parental participation in child's education begins much before the child is admitted in school. Today, many young parents are nervous even after their children get admission in so called good schools because they are not quite sure what to expect. To help such parents whose children are set to enter LKG, ICSK Khaitan oriented parents on the day of welcoming the new batch of Kindergarten on Sunday, 8th April, 2018, in the school auditorium.

The session was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the Principal, Mr.Gangadhar Shirsath and Vice Principal, Mr.Ravi Ayanoli. The Principal, in his warm welcome address,reiterated the importance of parents’ commitment, cooperation and support in children’s education. It was followed by a presentation by Mrs.Shiny Shabu, the school counselor, in which she briefed about the rules and regulations of the institution and requested the parents to understand and abide by the same. She also said that parents and teachers have to strive together to develop, in each child, a positive feeling of self-worth. She reminded the parents to be associated partners with teachers and help them develop self-discipline, respect and consideration for self and others, in their wards.

The UKG students welcomed their junior with mesmerizing dance performances and the programme was ended with distribution of books and chocolates to the kids. It was the most exciting day in the school as the tiny tots walked their first step in to their class rooms.


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