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ICSK Khaitan highlights innovation in K-RAYS exhibition
February 12, 2017, 5:15 pm

Focused on ingraining scientific and creative attitude in students, to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology and society by a hands-on experience, the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Khaitan conducted its 4th annual exhibition K-Rays, on 2 February.

The program was inaugurated by engineer G. S. Sharma and eminent scientist Dr. Neelamani. Presence of the honorable chairman, Sheik Abdul Rahiman and the honorable Vice Chairman Vinu Kumar Nair, BOT, ICSK, added grace to the occasion.

The exhibition engaged children, under the guidance of their teachers, to design and develop many novel projects. Hundreds of displays dotted several sections of the school with participation ranging from classes Kindergarten to X. The campus became a celebration of budding knowledge as students enthusiastically beckoned visitors to stop by and visit their projects. The exhibits reflected clarity of thought, careful planning, and preparation.

The projects in various subjects including music, arts and sports were arranged in different classrooms. The auditorium was filled with the exhibits from the pre-primary and primary classes. The pre-primary students exhibited their brilliance in turning ordinary household items to useful things for daily use; making the caption ‘Best out of Waste’ meaningful.

The exhibits prepared by the children were intellectually and visually stimulating. The campus was filled with happy students and their proud parents. While concluding the program, the Principal, K.G. Shirsath said that the exhibition not only provided a platform to showcase creativity in students but also explored their scientific temperament and artistic excellence.  He also congratulated the students and parents and appreciated the guidance and hard work put in by the entire staff.

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