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ICSK Khaitan celebrates International Year of Pulses
June 15, 2016, 10:02 am

The Indian Community School Kuwait, Khaitan celebrated the International year of Pulses on 5 June as it is declared by UNESCO. As the day coincides with the World Environment Day this year, the students were educated to be one with nature by adapting natural ways of life and protecting the environment.

The slogan for the day was ‘Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future’. To bring out the nutritive importance of pulses an interactive session was held with Tripta Khattar, a dietician, who gave students valuable information on health, nutrition and diet.

The Ethnic Food Lounge was inaugurated by the Principal K.G.Shirsath, where different varieties of pulses were displayed along with ways in which they can be transformed into homemade tasty recipes. Students also got to taste a rich variety of protein rich food at the end of the programme.

The programme was well appreciated by the gathering and the concourse expressed the opinion that such educative programmes should be held at regular intervals so that the young minds will benefit greatly in their food habits for their healthy all round growth and development.

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