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ICSK Junior conducts special Diwali assemblies
December 13, 2016, 9:42 am

The students of ICSK Junior held special assemblies to mark the festival of lights – Diwali.

The tiny tots celebrated the festival in a joyous way in their morning assemblies held on 24 October, 31 October and 2 November.

The assemblies commenced with verses from The Holy Quran followed by the school prayer.

In their speeches, the children explained the significance of Diwali. They stressed that light symbolised knowledge.

A skit performance reliving the story behind the festivities associated with Diwali enlightened the children on the reason why we celebrate Diwali with such enthusiasm and happiness and also reminded them to celebrate it in an eco-friendly way.

This was then followed by dance performances by the kids. The stage was lit with many ‘Diyas’ to bring more light to the celebration.

Vice-Principal Sheeja Ravi in her speech spoke about the necessity of removing the darkness of evil from our minds with the light of goodness.

Principal in-charge Sherly Dennis congratulated the participants and advised them to be the light of the world with their good deeds and thoughts.

Assembly dispersed by the National Anthem of India. 

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