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ICSK Junior conducts CCA competitions for April
May 2, 2017, 2:15 pm

Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Junior, conducted a color competition for kindergarten children on Wednesday, 19 April 2017.  The tiny blossoms of the nursery enjoyed themselves with an assortment of color-themed activities. 

The LKG students were provided with the picture of a balloon and the UKG students with the picture of a butterfly.  The KG sections were filled with different colours and it seemed like a rainbow.

On Monday, 17 April, ICSK Junior, conducted a draw and color competition with an aquarium theme for class 1. The activities were organized to encourage creativity in children and offer them an opportunity to showcase their talents through drawing and coloring. The artistic imagination of the young minds was lit by the exercise.

The students of class 2nd and 3rd participated in a draw and color session on the topic of scenery. They engaged participated earnestly in the competition, and produced colorful and artistic drawings.

To enhance the awareness of nature among the students, on Tuesday, 18 April, Wealth from Waste competition was conducted for class IV to VI.  The imaginative minds made beautiful necklaces out of colourful flyers. This was an excellent activity for students that helped create awareness about the importance of following the slogan ‘Reuse, Reduce and Recycle’ for discarded items. The students were very happy and excited to do this activity.

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