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ICSK Junior celebrated Grandparents day
September 16, 2018, 10:25 am

Special People deserve a special day.

Grandparents day is a celebration of two of the most cherished titles in the world: GrandPa and GrandMa. ICSK Junior celebrated Grandparents Day on Thursday 13th Sept,2018. Principal Mrs Sherly Dennis welcomed the gathering. She stressed the importance of grandparents to grow securely into an unfamiliar world.

She requested grandparents to give freedom to their sons and daughters to do the duty as parents and thanked all for their lovely presence. Branch Supervisor of Kindergarten section Mrs Shafika Yunus passionately conveyed the significance of the day.

The tiny tots paid tribute to their Grandparents with their beautiful performance. Grandparents taking part in various games with full energy, was a pleasure to watch. The day served as an opportunity for many grandparents to express their feelings for the day.

VicePrincipal, Mrs. Sheeja, acknowledged and thanked the grandparents for their presence. Memorable group photograph of Grandparents was an integral part of the function. All the grandparents returned home feeling delighted over the special celebration and thanked the School for the same.

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