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ICSK Graduation ceremony for 2014 batch of class12

February 23, 2014, 10:15 am

The Indian Community School Kuwait have bid farewell to its 2014 batch of class 12 students in a ceremonious function held at the Senior school auditorium, Salmiya on Tuesday 18 February 2014. Goodbyes are always painful with reminiscences both bitter and sweet. It is not easy to bid good bye to fourteen years of laughter, tears and accomplishments but ,the journey of life is always an onward march ,those who are left behind, pray and wish all the best to the ones marching ahead.

The function was attended by dignitaries from various facets of the society that included the invited guests, ICSK Board office bearers, Honorary members of the ICSK Board, Parent Advisory members, Principals and Vice principals of ICSK Branch schools, the parents of graduating students and the ICSK faculty. Dr. V.Binumon, the Principal of ICSK Senior welcomed the gathering and all the invitees to the grand event with warmth and gratitude, and addressed the students affectionately. Everything begins from a small spark of light, so did the magnificent evening with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.

The Chief guest to the function was Dr. Mohammed Jassem Al Khasti, the Assistant Undersecretary, MoH ,Kuwait. He is an inspiring personality whose efficient professionalism and boundless philanthropical services add the halo of greatness to his presence. In his address to the eager graduates of the day, he talked about his student days at Bangalore, the garden city of India.

The address was power packed with earnest advice on life. Dr. Mohammed Jassem emphasized upon the importance of respecting and valuing one's elders especially teachers and parents. The graduates were reminded of the importance of having an aim in life but very judiciously with a few alternative plans because life is full of surprises and disappointments. He talked of the importance of not forgetting your near and dear including your own self as one climbs the ladders of success, further highlighting the fact that being empathetic by removing all the selfishness is the greatest virtue of life. Mr. Mohammed Jassem Al Khasti congratulated the school fraternity for the wonderful ambiance and excellent coordination in meticulously organizing the graduation day with attention to details.

The Honorable  Ambassador of India to Kuwait Mr. Sunil Jain honored the occasion with his magnanimous presence and words of wisdom .He told the eager students that for them life is at its easiest phase but as they move ahead numerous uncertainties and difficulties are in store for them. Mr. Jain reassured them that they must take these uncertainties and challenges as a test of one's strength; confidence and hard work are the medicines prescribed. He further talked of his own days of toil that has finally brought him to the position of excellence.

The students were also told  to uphold high moral values to reach great heights. Mr. J.S.Dangi, the Second Secretary Community Affairs &Education at Indian Embassy, Dr.H.A Galhotra and, Dr.Murali were the other luminaries from the list of invitees.

Mr. Ashok Kalra, the Honorary Chairman to the ICSK board addressed the gathering and expressed the great hopes of the school fraternity for the students.

He emphasized that the alumni of ICSK has a proud lineage of successful personalities and wished the very best to all the graduates of the 2014 Batch.
This was followed by a soul stirring inspirational song sung by the talented students. The chief guest Mr. Jassim Al Khasti and the Honorable Ambassador of India to Kuwait were thanked profusely by the school with presentation of mementoes as token of love and appreciation .

The Honorary Vice chairman Mr. Rajan Daniel and the Honorary Secretary Mr. Vijay Karayil presented the momentous to these dignitaries on behalf of ICSK family. A powerful overflow of strong emotions expressed by the student representatives brought in the true atmosphere for the farewell gathering.

Master Ritwik Sunder, Miss Sherissa Fernandes , Miss Razia Fakhruddin and Master Rohan Paul represented the students and talked of the bitter sweet memories of the past 14 years at the school. All of them talked eloquently of their dear school and teachers. The expressions with definite clarity of vision and the expectations of future electrified the audience with profound feelings. 

The much awaited grand event of the day was the presentation of certificates and mementoes to the students. With hopes, expectations, aspirations and a sense of pride, each one of the graduates walked on to the stage to accept the honor of their first graduation from the dignitaries present.

Mrs. Mini Shaji, the staff club secretary delivered the vote of thanks to all the invitees on behalf of the ICSK fraternity. The soft notes of farewell song echoed further creating the right mood of bidding good bye. Candle lights symbolic of knowledge were passed from teachers to the students flooding the whole place in the golden hue of candle lights.

The Exhortation ceremony followed in which students promised to abide by the laws and values imbibed by the school. The Vice Principal, Dr. Sam T Kuruvilla read out the oath upon which the students promised to follow.The young graduates of the day then moved out of the auditorium through a corridor of blessing where all the teachers showered their love and blessings for a happy and peaceful life ahead. Though specked with glitter of tears and strong emotions, the farewell was well said.

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