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ICSK Amman organizes TRANSCEND 2017
May 26, 2017, 2:18 pm

ICSK Amman organized a Mega Exhibition TRANSCEND 2017 on 18 May.

The pre primary students, with the help of parents, made models on the given topics. KG classrooms had exhibits based on farm house, garden and plants, desert, fruits and vegetables, cartoon, water world and more.

The topic for Classes I to III was ‘Forest and Wild Life’. An insight into the wildlife, history and culture was exhibited. Topic for Classes IV and V was ‘World Heritage’. Students exhibited models and charts on the same topic.

The basic theme for Classes VI to VIII was ‘world for a better tomorrow’. Exhibits were presented subject wise, where all teachers and students put forth their best efforts.

The Hindi department focused on projects based on a healthy life style and benefits of exercise. The need of conserving energy and nature was mainly projected in the Social Studies category. Effects of global warming, pollution and the modes to control were all explained. The Science department concentrated on inventions and discoveries. Various energy sources were exhibited. Innovative low cost air coolers, rain water harvesting system, various machinery models were all displayed by the enthusiastic participants.

Topic allotted for Classes IX and X was ‘Modern World’. Students exhibited working models, still models and charts on the relevant subjects.

Hon. Chairman Shaikh Abdul Rahiman, Hon. Secretary A Amer Mohammed and Hon. Treasurer S N Raju from the ICSK Board of Trustees visited the Mega Exhibition. They were very much impressed by the presentation and the interest shown by the students in presenting their exhibits.

Live music and dance performances of students were organized in the auditorium. Drawings, paintings and creative art works of students were exhibited in the art gallery. RJs of Radio Amman conducted live shows with riddles, quizzes and other performances. They also aired the remarks and comments of the visitors regarding the conduct of the exhibition.

The Principal appreciated all the teachers for organizing this exhibition to their fullest ability and was also grateful to all parents and students for showing immense interest towards the event which made it a big success, worthy enough for the school to be very proud of.

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