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ICSK Amman conducts teachers’ training session on autism
May 11, 2017, 5:25 pm

A very informative class to identify autistic children was organized in Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Amman on 9 May for the Pre-Primary teachers. Ambili Babu from Applied Behavior Center, Kuwait led the interactive session in a very interesting way. She explained in-depth the main behavioral pattern of an autistic child and elaborated the steps to identify the characteristics of the child.

She also illustrated the behavior of the child with the help of a teacher acting as a child. She answered all the queries of the staff very enthusiastically. It was emphasized that the parents along with teachers can help the child to learn, if identified at the right time. The class was very enlightening with a lot of insight into a very serious disorder, which is left unnoticed or not corrected at the tender age.

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