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ICSK– Amman celebrates World Food Day
October 23, 2017, 3:46 pm

The Indian Community School (ICSK) – Amman, Pre-primary section celebrated World Food Day on 18 October. Children were asked to bring different types of homemade food to school in order to make them aware that homemade food items are not only tasty but also healthy. All the students participated and brought a variety of delicious Indian dishes to their classes.

The selection of food items included Veg Cutlets, Veg Sandwiches, Veg Spring Rolls, Urad/Dal Vadas, Veg/Cheese Samosas alongside sweet dishes such as Carrot Halwa, Dry Gulab Jamun, homemade cup cakes/plum cakes, Banana Fry and others.

The greatest contribution was from the parents, who joyfully and enthusiastically sent food with their wards knowing that the children’s health and well-being are dependent on the school’s commitment to promote good eating habits at home, at school and everywhere. The food was arranged in a buffet style at classes, and every dish was mouthwatering with flavor.  There were many wonderful moments for the children who wholeheartedly enjoyed the day.

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