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ICSA – transforming lives through job-oriented courses
October 24, 2015, 5:37 pm

The International Institute of Computer Science & Administration (ICSA), a pioneer of IT and Management Education for Asians in Kuwait, has announced the opening of a new training facility in Mahboula. Continuing with its tradition of providing the best quality education, the new facility boasts of 300sq. m of space with more than seven classrooms that are fitted with all the state-of-the-art technical hardware.   

ICSA has dominated the IT and Management education field since it started in 2001. In the beginning, the institute was housed in a small building with  just three rooms, but over the years as the number of students increased, the facilities had to be expanded.  In 2011, ICSA shifted to iconic Panasonic Tower in Kuwait City, and began to earn a reputation for providing a wide range of informative courses covering IT, Management, Business, Languages and office applications using Microsoft Office.

Through a focus on advanced career-oriented courses, the institute supports the educational and personal development of students. And, under the guidance of proficient and dedicated teachers in the institution, as well as a strong placement program, student who excel from ICSA have received good job offers.

In an exclusive interview with The Times Kuwait, Aamir Muhammad Farooq, CEO of ICSA, described in detail the institution’s attributes and its growing success as evidenced by its new branch. “ICSA offers the highest quality of education for the most reasonable fees in the country,” said Mr. Farooq proudly. He added, “We always try to make sure that our students receive more than what they spend on our courses. The high standard and extensive curriculum ensures students reach their full potential and fulfill their career goals.” Mr. Farooq mentioned how he regularly sees familiar faces in positions in many job sectors from health, aviation, business and other sectors of the economy.

“We are pleased to offer similar opportunities for career advancement in the Mahboula area, which is a central point with easy access from four major locations – Fahaheel, Mangaf, Abu Halifa and Al Fintas,” said Mr. Farooq. He went on to elaborate, “Our target market  - Asians, are concentrated in these areas. The Indian and Filipino population in Kuwait generally have keen interest in learning new skills, and bettering prospects for themselves and the families they have left behind in their native countries.”

Mr. Farooq is well aware of the challenges faced by this group and has designed ICSA’s teaching methodology to suit them. “Our students can study at home, at their own pace and at a time convenient to them. All our resources are accessible online and if a student has been attending classes and wants to practice at home, he can easily log onto the website and make use of the complete training tutorials, to review their work or learn certain concepts.”

The institute constantly updates its courses and Mr. Farooq disclosed that the new Mahboula institute will have a culinary art course where students can learn hotel and restaurant management. This, he said, was a new course that is currently not available at the Kuwait City branch.

The CEO revealed that a lot of excitement has been generated since the new institute was announced. “There have been many inquiries and prospective students have been asking about the new branch. They are very excited about how easy it is to travel for hands on experience in our specially designed courses and to avail of our top-notch educational facilities.”

He also emphasized on the community spirit and his hopes to foster interest in learning and building a cohesive environment that hungers for knowledge. On the topic of quality staff, which are imperative for the success of any educational institute, he said, “We hire professional faculty from the Philippines and India, as well as send them for more training if required.”

On the same note, he added, “We offer Bachelor and Master Degree courses for people who want to continue their studies, but were unable to finish their studies in the Philippines due to financial circumstances. We have the necessary facilities to enable those who have completed two years in a Philippine university to continue their studies from here.”

With professional development schemes, digital literacy courses and significant services that facilitate a smooth assimilation into the Kuwait workplace, ICSA offers a complete package for anyone, regardless of nationality, who endeavors to improve their lives through education, said Mr. Farooq in conclusion. 

- Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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Mohammed feroz  Posted on : October 25, 2015 7:38 am
I want to learn laptop technician course kindly give me duration and detail of this course

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