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ICSA honors achievements of graduating class
March 31, 2016, 5:50 pm

The International Institute of Computer Science & Administration (ICSA), a leading source of Educational courses for career advancement, recently held a Commencement Ceremony for the graduates of Office Management, Airline Ticketing and the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology courses on 25 March at the Divva Ballroom of the Dawliyah Complex in Kuwait City.

Special guests for the occasion were Ambassador of the Philippines to Kuwait H.E. Renato Pedro O. Villa, CAP-College Foundation Vice President Felito "Eller" M. Alivio and Hon. Consul General- Atty. Raul Dado who was accompanied on stage by ICSA President Aamir Farooq Muhammad and ICSA Managing Director Yasir Muhammad.

President Mr. Muhammad started the ceremony with a heartfelt speech where he lauded the students for their hard work and spoke words of encouragement for their future endeavors. Stepping up, Guest Speaker Consul General Mr. Dado extended positive wishes to the Filipino community and highlighted the benefits of education. Distinguished guest speaker the Filipino Ambassador Villa talked a little on issues pertinent to the Filipino community and went on to outline the necessity of hard work and determination by reminiscing on his own difficult experiences.

The highlight of the ceremony, the Philippine Ambassador together with the ICSA President  and ICSA Managing Director presented the certificates to the graduating class, who beamed with pride over their achievements. There were also special awards such as the Inquisitive Learners award and the Leadership award handed over to deserving students.

In an atmosphere of excitement and jubilation, the graduates, many of whom attended with their families, celebrated the successful completion of their courses with high hopes for the future. Many beautiful memories were created amongst family and friends, with the ICSA graduating classes receiving commendations for their efforts.

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