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ICONIC’s passion for fashion and Varun as its ambassador
February 10, 2018, 3:08 pm

ICONIC, the youngest fashion brand of retail conglomerate Landmark Group renewed its relationship with young and dashing Indian actor Varun Dhawan as its brand ambassador in 2018. Varun has been one of the most successful actors in the Indian film industry in recent years with a stunning record of nine successful films.

Varun recently visited Dubai to shoot the Summer 17 campaign for the ICONIC brand and was overwhelmed with the huge response he received during his visit. His fan following of young adults, kids, teenagers, family’s was evident by the crowds he attracted everywhere he went.

Speaking to the media during his visit Varun explained that his association with the ICONIC brand was truly iconic as it is probably the first youth-centric clothing brand in the Middle East. “Year on year, their line keeps on improving and I’m just loving it,” he disclosed. Dressed in a stone-washed denim jacket with several pins, Varun charmed the media with both his modesty and openness in his approach. “I have a transparent relationship with the brand – if I love something or if I don’t like something, I can express it,” he revealed.

Varun is aware that the Middle East is a huge supporter of Bollywood and he has received immense love when it comes to his movies. An association with Iconic, a trendy fashion destination stems from his passion for fashion coupled with a keen sense to stay in the hearts of the Arab world for a long time to come.

Speaking on fashion he says, “Yes I put fashion first. I am conscious of fashion but I like comfortable clothing. I don't wear something just because someone will write about it. I love wearing jackets and badges,” he disclosed. Speaking of his immense Bollywood successes and his massive popularity, Varun pointed out that when he does a film, he does it for the Indian audiences. “I am actually thinking about them while reading the script. I want them to like my film. They should have fun and be entertained. When I sign a film, I put myself in the place of the audiences and then take a call. Audience comes first for me, whenever I do a film”.

Since the launch of the ICONIC brand in February 2010, it has become one of the Landmark Group’s fastest growing brands with over 42 stores across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Their portfolio consists of an interesting mix of styles for women, men, youth and kids, spread across clothing, footwear and accessories.

Raza Beig, CEO Splash and ICONIC and Director- Landmark Group, has been the power behind the huge success and popularity of the brand. Beig’s vision and extraordinary zeal is reflected not only in the brands' success, but also in a short span of time made it stand out among the many established fashion stores across the region.

The team’s close watch on catwalk trends and customer needs shapes their designs, the innovation and everything in between. Their approach called FAD - Fabric, Accessories and Design - is crafted to the needs of today’s customers who are trend-savvy, edgy and fast fashion seekers. The ICONIC vision is to be a destination where fashion, innovation and lifestyle converge to provide a unique shopping experience, making them Fashion Different.



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