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ICAI participates in distinguished panel discussion on Treasury Management
September 29, 2014, 3:15 pm

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Kuwait Chapter (ICAI) organized a ‘Panel Discussion on Treasury Management’ as part of its Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for its members. The Panel comprised of eminent panelists ; Ramki Ramakrishnan (Executive Manager, Treasury & Investments, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait), Rammanohar Nagarajan (Head of Group Banking and Group Treasury, M.H. Alshaya and Muhammad Qaiser (Executive Director, Financial Advisory Services , Ernst & Young ,Qatar).

During the session; the panelists shared their perspectives on emerging treasury management challenges. Ramki provided insight into the critical role played by the treasury function in a bank, to maximize capital efficiency and improve risk return ratios. The Funding and investment challenges faced by a treasurer in a bank were discussed especially with wide-ranging tenure and rates and the consequent need to match off the deposits with the loans and secure Bank margins.

These challenges were amplified by the risks and Ramki went on to detail and share with the audience an understanding of the Liquidity, Interest rate and Foreign exchange risks faced by a treasurer. He briefly touched upon and exemplified how one could use hedging as a strategy to overcome these risks. 
Rammanohar representing the corporate view supplemented the discussion with his thoughts on the evolution of the treasury function and the role played in treasury management and risk management in a corporate set-up. The treasurer in a corporate ensures liquidity; funding for existing and new ventures and manages risks efficiently. Rammanohar highlighted the challenges between operating a centralized treasury function versus a decentralized one and explored the options available to source funds and the opportunities to disburse funds.

Mr. Qaiser, representing a Practitioners viewpoint, provided a structured approach to exploring the treasury management function. The model used provided insight into how practitioners could assist treasurers respond to new opportunities. Muhamed conferred that changes in macroeconomic conditions, regulations, new accounting standards, sophisticated financial instruments and the like make the job of a treasurer challenging and demanding and he briefly addressed his approach to tackling these issues.

A lively discussion ensued with Interesting topics like Asset liability Management, Liquidity premium, crowd investing and new trends in treasury market being discussed in an open interactive session where the panelists shared their views. Overall it was a knowledge enriching session for the members
The evening was anchored by CA Deepak Bindal, a fellow member of ICAI. CA. D. Sai Venkata Subba Rao, Secretary of the ICAI, Kuwait Chapter raised a vote of thanks to the panelists and all those gathered on the occasion. As a token of appreciation to the presenters, mementos were presented on behalf of the ICAI, Kuwait Chapter.

The ICAI Kuwait Chapter is an Association of 400+ Chartered Accountants, formed as a Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India in Kuwait. The Chapter strives to advance members technical knowledge and promote their skills to reflect only the best. In turn this underscores their responsibility to provide the best service and use a structured and disciplined approach in representing their Client and the ICAI.  Indian Chartered Accountants are placed in Banks, Industry and Consultancy Firms and several occupy top management positions in these organizations. 

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