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IAA and Crowne Plaza hotel host Annual Ghabqa
June 21, 2016, 12:43 pm

The International Advertising Association (IAA) and Crowne Plaza hotel hosted the Annual Ghabqa on the 9 June in Al Baraka Grand Ballroom under the patronage of the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al Humoud Al Sabah. 

The event was attended by Sheikh Faisal Al Humoud Al Malek Al Sabah Governor of Farwaniya, Tareq Al Mezrem Undersecretary of the Ministry of Informationa, Adnan Al Rashed Honorary IAA President, Rami Haykal GM of Crowne Plaza, and board members of IAA Kuwait Chapter, attended by top VIP officials from the Media, Advertising agencies, PR companies, Consultancy firms , Market research companies and Crowne Plaza guests.

Over 600 guests attended the event and were welcomed by Marwan Farah IAA board member as he apologized on behalf of Walid Kanafani the President of IAA Kuwait Chapter being outside of the country.  Iqbal Al Haddad, Vice President of the IAA Kuwait Chapter extended her Ramadan wishes to everybody; Mrs. Haddad gave a full presentation on the major IAA achievements and activities during the last few years.

She highlighted the participation of IAA Kuwait Chapter in the IAA Leadership and the participation in the Cannes Lions Festival and the Dubai Lynx as a major achievement. She announced that the IAA world Congress will be held in October 2016 with Abu Dhabi as the decided venue.

The IAA Conference was conceived to discuss the challenges for the marketing and communications industry and ways to attract the best and brightest professionals.

Mrs. Haddad encouraged the audience to join the IAA Kuwait Chapter and reap the benefits of the organization and mentioned that the election for a new board will be held on 20 June at the Holiday Inn, Salmiya at 9.30pm, and encouraged all IAA members to renew their membership and to attend the election.  Then, Vice President of IAA Kuwait Chapter Mrs. Haddad honored Governer Sheikh Faisal Al Humoud Farwanya,  the Undersecretary for Ministry of Information Tareq Al-Mezrem  representing Shiek Salman Al-Humoud and Adnan Al Rashed for their support to IAA.

All esteemed honored guests extended their happiness for the large participation in the event by welcoming everyone and encouraged all to work individually and as a team to improve the productivity in Kuwait.

IAA also honored the former IAA presidents and Rami Haykal for his hard work during his employment with Crown Plaza as he will join Intercontinental hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Hani Kafafi also presented an appreciative message from the company.

Haykal in his speech expressed his thanks for the support of the company and coworkers during his four years working in Crown Plaza and presented Antoine Flouty as the new General Manager of Crown Plaza of Al Thuraya City (Crown Plaza & Holiday Inn Hotels).

At the same time, Sheikh Faisal thanked IAA and Crown Plaza by wishing all a Happy Ramadan and wished Mr. Haykal all the best in his new post.
A raffle draw organized by Adnan Saad and Marwan Farah was among the highlights of the event.


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