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I enjoyed time in Kuwait, says Badshah
April 30, 2017, 5:42 pm

Indian Youth Society (IYS) marks another successful venture for the Indian community with raving praise being showered on its ‘Badshah’ concert held on 28 April at Al-Shaheed Park Amphitheater. The King of Rap, who has a repertoire of popular rap songs including 'Tamma Tamma Again', 'Humma song' and 'Kaala Chashma', performed live for the first time in Kuwait to the delight of a large audience.

Before his leave to India, Badshah accompanied by IYS President Shabeer Qamar and Imran Hyder of Saaz Events appeared in a press conference to answer questions from the media. In response to several queries concerning his concert, he stated that the experience was very exciting, and added, “It was nice to see that the people in Kuwait are enjoying my songs. I think the market is evolving in Kuwait and such events are motivating the artistes and the organizers to keep going.”

About his skills that launched his rising star, he admits that he has never had any professional training in singing; he said, “Ironically, there is no institute which teaches us how to do rap. We have to naturally polish our skill.”

He noted, “On YouTube you can directly get the feedback from your audience, which is the best learning experience. At the end of the day, it is the individual skill, which artistes need to polish and train on.” He points out that the internet is a good medium for learning. “Most parts of my learning were from YouTube and other social media,” he said.

“Irrespective of the language, the new generation is more welcoming the rap and other forms of music,” he said of his chosen genre of music. On the idea of expanding into other languages and music scenes, he said, “I had already made my presence in Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati and I am now looking at other Indian languages too.”

Badshah worked as a civil engineer before changing his career to music, he said, “As long as things are moving fine, I don’t mind continuing in this field.”

Every super hit release wins him accolades, and in effect recognition for his work which is why in 2016, his collaborative song Wakhra Swag won the 2016 Punjabi Music Awards for best duo/group and most popular song of the year award. Regardless, he considers ‘Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chul’ his favorite song and he has a special spot for Arijit Singh as his favorite artist.

He remains a down to earth guy with strong morals, giving this message to the youth, he said, “The youth should stay away from drugs. In my place, along with my friends, whom I don’t want to name, are now working to clean an entire village from the menace of drugs.”

Speaking on his future plans, he said,“My first album will be released in September this year, and I may take a break to spend more time with my family.” 

The organizers were pleased by the reception and it has given them an incentive to organize such similar performances in the future. Shabeer said, “More than our hard work and the support from sponsors, it is the huge fan following of such great artistes like Badshah which encourages us to organize events of such magnitude in Kuwait.”


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