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Hyundai’s Centennial named Best Luxury Full-Sized Car for 2013
June 3, 2013, 10:35 am

Hyundai Motor Company’s new flagship model, the New 2014 Centennial has been named Best Luxury Full-Sized Car of 2013 by top Middle East motoring magazine, Automobile. Vice President and Head of Hyundai’s Middle East regional Headquarters, Tom Lee was presented with the award by Mr.Ibrahim Fakhri, General Manager and Editor-In-Chief of Automobile magazine.

Mr Lee commented, “Receiving this award just a few months after the New 2014 Centennial’s launch is a great honour. The outgoing model won 2012 Car of the Year from Sport Auto magazine, so it’s nice to enioy yet more recognition for our luxury segment model from Middle East automotive experts. It’s a true testament to how far we have come as an automotive company that we now produce cars that meet and exceed the very highest quality standards.”

The New 2014 Centennial was launched in the Middle East earlier this year and is even better placed to challenge the established names in the luxury car sector than ever before, with a significantly enhanced interior, the addition of a range of cutting-edge features, and the introduction of two new, high performance GDI engines.  

The previous version of Hyundai’s flagship car had already enjoyed significant success in the Middle East, where sales grew 244 percent in 2012, and across the world. In North America, research conducted earlier this year by influential automotive industry forecaster, ALG, confirmed that the Centennial enjoys stronger residual values than its key competitors, the BMW 7-Series, the Mercedes Benz S-Class and the Audi A8.

Mr. Fakhri commented: “The advances that Hyundai has made with the Centennial are astonishing. It has clearly taken Hyundai’s luxury segment contender to another level and proved it can more than compete with big names in the luxury car market. It was an easy decision to give the Centennial the award after driving the car and experiencing what it has to offer first-hand.”

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