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Huge crowds at Indian embassy to avail of General Amnesty, guidelines for illegal Indians released by embassy
February 3, 2018, 2:44 pm

A large crowd of Indians gathered in front of the Indian embassy on Monday morning, 29 January to have their passports endorsed or to receive necessary travel documents, so as to avail of the general amnesty announced by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior. The general amnesty for residency violations came into force on 29 January and extends to 22 February. The amnesty allows any expatriate stranded in the country on account of expired visas, or other residency-related problems, to either rectify their residency status and pay any accumulated fine, or exit the country without paying due fines.

The amnesty is not applicable to anyone who has a travel ban imposed on them from concerned legal authorities in Kuwait.

As per the latest Directives of Ministry of Interior Kuwait, regarding travel of expatriates back to their countries without payment of penalty/fine for violation of ‘Residency Rules’, the Indian embassy has released the following guidelines for the Indian community in Kuwait.

1. All Indian expatriates without valid Residency/Visa (Residency not obtained at all /Residency not renewed timely /or has a valid Residency, but intend to return to India) must utilize this opportunity to leave Kuwait before 22 February, 2018.
2. Expatriates (under Visa Article Numbers 18 & 20) with absconding cases (registered by sponsor/company) can leave Kuwait during this period using valid Passport OR a travel document, i.e. Emergency Certificate (EC), to be issued by the Embassy.
3. Expatriates with ‘travel ban’ (due to civil/criminal cases etc.) shall not be allowed to leave the country during this period. First, they have to obtain proper clearance from the concerned Authorities/Court/Ministry of Justice, Kuwait.
4. Those who are in possession of valid Passports (with air ticket) and not under travel ban can directly approach Airport Immigration Authorities for clearance and exit.
5. Those who do not have valid Passports, will have to;
a. Obtain an EC from the Embassy.
b. Along with EC, please approach Residency department (Passport) offices at various Governorates in Kuwait from where Residency/visa of individual was initially processed. EC will be verified and stamped at special counters (from 7 am to 2.30 pm) which will enable individual to travel.
c. EC forms (free of cost) are available at the Embassy and individual has to pay a fee of KD 5 only while submitting duly filled in EC applications. The individual has to personally collect EC from the Embassy on the due date of delivery.



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