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Hug and kiss attempt paves visitor’s way out of Dubai
November 4, 2013, 10:06 am

Defendant hugged events organiser but she foiled his attempt to kiss her at hotel

A visitor won a three-month suspended imprisonment after an events organiser, whom he was accused of hugging and attempting to kiss, dropped her complaint against him.

The 33-year-old Egyptian visitor, A.S., was said to have hugged and tried to kiss the German events organiser at a hotel in Bur Dubai. He was also said to have texted her offensive SMSs in which he said he loved her on May 9. The Dubai Court of First Instance found A.S. guilty of molesting and offending the German woman.

Citing grounds of leniency, the court granted him a three-month suspended imprisonment after he obtained a waiver from the claimant. Presiding judge Wajdi Al Menyawi said the accused will however be deported.

According to the UAE’s Penal Code, any suspect faces compulsory deportation in case he/she is convicted in a molestation case. The defendant claimed during police questioning that he was seduced by the devil when he behaved like that with the claimant.

“When I questioned him, A.S. said the devil seduced him when he hugged the German woman and she foiled his attempt to kiss her,” an Emirati policeman testified.
Prosecution records said the German woman testified that she was organising an event for A.S. when he molested her and sent her offensive SMSs.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant took advantage of the fact that he was alone with the woman in the hotel’s ballroom where he hugged and tried to kiss her.
The 26-year-old events organiser said the incident happened at 5.30pm. “Shortly after a meeting we had, the defendant asked me to accompany him to a ballroom to check the flower arrangement,” the German claimed.

“I was walking to his right when he suddenly hugged me and tried to kiss me. He told me that he wanted to kiss me… but I moved my head and told him that we were working. Immediately he realised that I did not want to be kissed and so he let go of me. I was shocked. I rushed back to my office and I was irritated and nervous.

“I told my supervisor what happened. The next minute I received an SMS from the defendant in which he expressed his admiration and love and apologised for not being able to control his behaviour,” added the woman. The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 11 days.

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