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Huawei P8 Smartphone ignites creativity at the Kuwait launch
June 10, 2015, 10:24 am

A new era of smartphone technology become available in Kuwait as Huawei launched the P8 at a glittering ceremony in the Prestige Ballroom at the Grand Avenues Mall in Kuwait. Once again redefining the smartphone industry, the Huawei P8’s cutting-edge technology, durability, features and sleek design allows consumers to ignite their creativity.

Building on the rich heritage of the P Series, the Huawei P8 takes beauty to the next level, striking a perfect balance of artistry, creativity and functionality. The Huawei P8 delivers a new level of usability for different applications impacting everyday life – at work and at play. With craftsmanship that pushes the bounds of possibility and new revolutionary light painting modes, the Huawei P8 provides consumers with an inspiration for creativity.

Inspired by the design elements of leather-bound handcrafted book binding, the Huawei P8 is a unique smartphone that combines clean, aesthetic lines with innovative technology, beauty and elegance. The phone comes with four elegant color options: silver, gold, black and grey. The devices come in a translucent package and the unboxing experience is like taking a book from the shelf.

Achraf Fawakherji, Vice President, Huawei Device Middle East commented on the regional launch: “We are extremely excited to launch the user-friendly P8... The P series are amongst the main smartphone models driving Huawei's growth in Kuwait, Huawei has seamlessly combined the best elements of style and strength in the launch of P8, delivering a revolutionary user experience - especially in terms of camera and network connectivity. Building on the outstanding market performance of Huawei’s P series, we are fully confident that our P8 will become one of the most popular smartphones among consumers in 2015.”

“Huawei’s proven ability to offer a quality service, an enhanced customer experience and increased monetization opportunities are evident from its accelerating growth and expansion orders from its existing customers.  With more than 95 percent of Kuwait’s mobile Wi-Fi currently provided by Huawei, we aim to be one step ahead in providing innovative technology that meets connectivity needs in every aspect of life.”

The Huawei P8 introduces a new philosophy for camera design – a camera optimized for low light and high contrast. The P8 leverages a combination of hardware, software and proprietary algorithms to help users capture beautiful photographs, even in the worst lighting conditions, bringing the joy of photography back to the smartphone user.

Huawei’s enhanced technology and software provides four professional quality low-light shooting modes, a director mode, and fun creative shooting modes. All users – from painters and architects to someone in the fashion industry, now has access to a mobile photo and video studio that provides diverse and innovative functionality for capturing artistic inspirations within daily life.

Highlights of Design and Technology

Continuing the minimalist design of previous generations in the P series, the Huawei P8 embodies the ultimate in elegance, craftsmanship and durability. Highlights include:
• The nano-injection molding process results in an industry-leading seamless tight junction connecting a 1.5mm thin plastic bar with one of the industry’s largest screens.
• The phone is 6.4mm thin, with dual SIM cards, and works seamlessly with a 4G network (where the service is available).
• The triple-layer shark-gill design enhances the reliabilities and robustness of the device.
• Inside, the new Kirin 930 64-bit Octa-Core chipset boosts performance by approximately 20 percent compared with other phones with similar levels of battery life.
• The body’s sleek back cover is constructed of steel, which provides structural rigidity.

Craft Best-in-Class User Experiences

Unique power management creates a bridge between the Huawei P8’s slim design, power efficiently and stunning performance. The device contains a 2600mAh battery and with Kirin 930 Octa-Core 64-bit chipset, delivering an outstanding performance that outpaces the smartphone market by 20 percent and unparalleled standby time.

Setting New Standards for Mobile Connectivity

During the process of researching and listening to the needs of elite smartphone users, Huawei has addressed emerging pain points around dropped calls and signal degradation. Building on Huawei’s DNA of world-class communications technology, the Huawei P8 has re-defined the industry benchmark for seamless network connectivity. For the consumers who usually travel by air, it takes quite a bit of time to connect when landing at a new airport. Huawei P8 increases the speed of connecting to a roaming network.

Best-in-Class Smartphones with Light Painting Camera

• Industry-leading Optical Image Stabilizer Technology: With an OIS of up to 1.2°, the phone can shoot high-quality photos and videos as well as managing camera shake so that images are consistently sharp.
• The world’s first four-color RGBW sensor: Enhancing brightness by 32 percent in high contrast lighting situations, reducing it by 78 percent in low light environments. SLR-level independent image processing: ENABLING noise reduction when shooting and intelligent detection of a high-contrast lighting environment and enabling users to perfectly capture high CONTRAST and low light details in one image.
• DSLR-level independent image processor: Enabling noise reduction when shooting, intelligent detection of a high-contrast lighting environment, thus perfectly capturing the high contrast and low light details in one image.


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