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Hotel Calcutta
April 5, 2017, 4:35 pm

Highly influenced by flavors reminiscent of the colonial West Bengal region, during his trips in India, Thamer AlAbduljaleel came back to Kuwait with a venture that would transport everyone back in time, sans time machine – and Hotel Calcutta was born.

More than just a restaurant, Hotel Calcutta is a nod to India’s colonial era evident in both dishes and décor. You quickly realize that with every step you take, all you want to do is take photos of everything. From the beautiful woodwork as you enter and the old school ‘hotel reception’ (fully equipped with traditional copper room keys), to the whimsical paintings of tigers re-imagined as maharajas and the pink marble top tables, this stunning eatery offers a modern twist on Indian favorites.

Popular dish: Coconut Prawn Curry
Location: SoKu area of Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Call, 22201088.


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