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Hot pink color trend
August 22, 2016, 2:39 pm

To many, hot pink may not be the most wearable color in any season, including summer as it is a challenge to mix and match. It is easy enough to wear a dress in this color, but then you have to think about the accessories, shoes and – sometimes, the entire process is overwhelming.

Your hot pink attire can look tasteful and sophisticated, or it can just show you gave no thought to your choices. It is a color that requires a little attention to highlight the stylish finish to your ensemble that is flattering for you. Here are some tips to style a hot pink outfit.

Black works like magic:  In order to tone down any outfit that you feel is too vibrant and loud, try introducing a little black. For example, if you are wearing a hot pink dress, throw on a black leather jacket or blazer for a strong, yet feminine look. A black handbag and a pair of black shoes, boots or trendy heels do the trick, make for a lively combination.

Turquoise turns heads:  Contrary to popular belief, hot pink and turquoise (or teal) are a great pair, and you can say goodbye to monochrome monotony by mixing these two colors in a fresh and exciting manner.  The high contrast between these two shades stands out gorgeously. Add some turquoise accessories like a belt or stilettos to a hot pink dress for a fantastic effect or maybe, enhance pink separates with rich turquoise jewelry. Alternatively, you can bump up your hot pink pants with an ultra-hot turquoise blouse.

A pop of pink: If you’re not ready to go all out just yet, take small steps with bright pink colored accessories, to ease your way towards the day you finally dare to wear a ruffled lace blouse. A hot pink bag or blazer is an incredibly chic addition to a neutral outfit without being too jarring on the eye.

Adding a bright accessory to give a dull dress some oomph is one of the oldest tricks in the book. For sure, a girly pastel dress and tough hot pink shoes are wonderfully put together. Another option is to create a monotone colored outfit, and work on selecting other appealing possibilities in hot pink such as scarves, pashminas and even sneakers.   Just a touch of pink in a white tee and jeans combination adds the right touch of glamour to your ensemble.  

Pay attention to cut:  Since the hot pink shade is already so eye catching, make sure the cut and shape of your clothing piece is viewed as slightly more classy and rich. Pink in a cheap fabric and misshapen form tends to make the wearer look undesirable.  You want your top or dress to fit you well so that it serves to flatter your body shape and blends for a cohesive look.


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