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Horrible beauty hacks
April 25, 2016, 1:21 pm

In today’s world of multitasking makeup, products that do double (or triple) duty are practically de rigeur—and since this saves women getting-ready time (and precious storage space), many women couldn’t be happier to discover that their concealer is also a great eyeshadow primer, or blush makes a great matte lipstick. But there are some products out there that you really, really shouldn’t use in an alternate way, just because someone tells you that you can. Many of these ‘beauty hacks’ aren’t just disappointing—they are downright dangerous. Here are  beauty products you should never multitask with.

Lipstick on eyes:  All women have seen those “amazing makeup hacks” that promise to vanish your dark circles by covering them with orange or red lipsticks, so it has to be fantastic, right? Wrong. Not only does lipstick make a terrible concealer (it sinks into creases like crazy, for one thing), it can also damage your eyes. It is true: red, orange and pink lipsticks (and liners) often contain carmine, an ingredient which can not only stain skin but can cause serious allergic reactions.

Hair dye on brows: Even though bloggers may say that coloring your eyebrows with home hair dye is easy, it is actually incredibly dangerous. Dye, even carefully applied, can drip into your eyes and potentially blind you. The fumes can also irritate your eyes, and if you use too strong a developer, the dye can even burn off your brows. It’s not worth it. See a professional for all your brow-tinting needs, or use an amazing pencil to fill them in temporarily.

Lip gloss as skin highlight: It won’t hurt you, but it will smear everywhere. The entire idea behind highlighting and strobing is that you are controlling the exact positioning of light on your face—but using lipgloss, which doesn’t set on skin, means you are going to end up with shine all over the place as it smears across your face. Unflattering. Use a liquid highlighter that sets and stays instead, or a highlighting powder for ultimate reflective beauty.

Foundation ‘goo’ as concealer:  This advice is often from teen magazines—the gooey, chunky foundation residue around the top of the bottle actually makes the ‘perfect’ concealer. Alas, this is not the case for a few reasons: since the average woman is likely to hang on to foundation well past its use-by date, the gunk around the lid is likely to be full of bacteria—not the best thing to put on blemishes or irritated skin. For another, prolonged exposure to oxygen tends to change the color of foundation and make it more orange. There’s nothing less glamorous than orange, oxidized smears under your eyes. And finally, the texture of this stuff? It is revolting. You are far better off with a truly amazing concealer than you ever will be messing around with this stuff.


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