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Horeca 2016 highlights best of Hospitality and Food Industry
January 19, 2016, 2:53 pm

The Horeca exhibition 2016, a three-day event showcasing the best of the Hospitality and Food Industry, was opened by the Information Ministry’s Undersecretary for External Media Affairs and Acting Undersecretary for Tourism Faisal Al-Mutalaqem on 18 January, at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel. He was joined by Leaders Group’s General Manager Nabila Al-Anjeri and other officials. The Leaders Group Company for Consulting and Development in association with the Hospitality Services Company organized the exhibition.

Speaking about the event’s ability to enhance tourism in Kuwait, Al-Mutalaqem stated that by raising the standards of the tourism sector in Kuwait, around 30,000 new job opportunities could be created over the next 10 years with an annual investment capacity of over KD700 million.

More than 60 companies, specialized in the various sectors of the hospitality and food service industries in Kuwait and the Middle East, participated in the exhibition. Along with regular visitors were professionals in the industry who availed of meetings with company experts to achieve many goals such as establishing professional connections, acquiring new merchandise and learning about the latest developments in the field.

Leaders Group’s General Manager Ms. Anjeri said, “The exhibition is a good chance for ambitious young people who intend to start new restaurant and hotel-related projects.” She also thanked all participants and sponsors of the event, and emphasized their cooperation had been instrumental in Horeca’s success.

The exhibition was an impressive combination of palate-stirring creations, technology and style; setting a standard of innovation that has elevated it to being considered one of the biggest annual hospitality expos of Kuwait. Several international brands from various countries around the world have set up booths at Horeca Kuwait for their products and services. 

A Culinary Art show, which was held on the sidelines of the exhibition, featured live cooking demonstrations and competitions involving fruit and vegetable carving, ice carving and wedding cake decorating. The Culinary Art Show not only allowed chefs to publicize their skills but also for all present to discover the region’s latest culinary concepts and trends.

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