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Honeywell Automation College opens in Kuwait
August 21, 2016, 5:47 pm

Process industry professionals in Kuwait will have the opportunity to enhance their technical skills with the newly opened Honeywell Automation College in the country.

Announcing the college’s inauguration, Honeywell, a Fortune 100 cyber industrial company, said, the new college would significantly expand the company’s professional development offering through more than 300 courses specifically designed to address the challenges and future requirements of local power and water, oil and gas, and automation industries.

The courses are individually tailored to provide Honeywell employees and customers — including chemical engineers, plant operators, maintenance technicians, process engineers and plant managers — with in-depth knowledge and skills covering the key aspects of maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient plant.

“Honeywell has been supporting industries in Kuwait for more than 50 years, and the opening of Honeywell Automation College underscores our strong commitment to becoming a key enabler of Kuwait’s advancement, safety, security and prosperity,” said Automation College Leader for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) Honeywell Process Solutions, Mohamed Afifi. “All of our courses provide trainees with the tools, knowledge and experience to make the most of Honeywell’s world class technologies, maximize the value of their investments and ultimately shape the future of their industries,” he added.

Working with local and international trainers, program participants learn to optimize the capabilities of their Honeywell systems, therefore increasing efficiency and productivity of their plants, reducing operational risks, and ultimately improving the bottom line. Training is complemented by e-learning and hands-on experience with industry-leading process automation and safety solutions.

“Kuwait Vision 2035 represents the ambitious determination of transforming the nation economically and socially, and professional development and effective knowledge transfer are at the heart of this progress,” said George Bou Mitri, President of Honeywell Kuwait. “Through the world-class education delivered at Honeywell Automation College, we are proud to shape the future of our business and the businesses of our customers, as well as make a significant contribution to the long-term prosperity of our country.”

Today, Honeywell works with some of Kuwait’s biggest organizations and corporations including Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Kuwait Oil Tanker Company, as well as the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

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