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Holiday Inn Salmiya launches Ayam Zaman Subhiya
February 11, 2016, 12:07 pm

Holiday Inn Salmiya, in the presence of the International Women’s Group and esteemed female personalities, launched ‘Ayam Zaman Subhiyeh’ a brand new breakfast experience inspired by the famous Lebanese Heritage.

Invitees were welcomed by the management team headed by Monjed Salha. They were then treated to a delectable breakfast enjoying a wide range of authentic Lebanese dishes and freshly prepared sweets. The members of IWC expressed their sincere delightness with hospitality provided by ‘Ayam Zaman Subhiye’ team.

‘Ayam Zaman Subhiyeh’, is considered as a remarkable addition to the restaurant as it offers guests a special menu with variety of appetizers, light meals and dessert as well as to the live cooking stations freshly prepared the traditional Lebanese way.

Following a good hearty meal, guests are also offered to enjoy their favorite Shisha flavor in a charming ambiance of the restaurant’s terrace which overlooks the hotel’s garden.


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