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Historical places to visit during holidays
June 8, 2015, 1:20 pm

Albania- Berat: It known as “the city of onethousand windows” and is declared as a museum city. It is on the slopes of the Tomorri mount where the castle of the city rises in a predominant hill. Inside its walls there are dwelling houses and the “Onufri Museum”. Paintings and icons by the outstanding Albanian painter are also exhibited there. The old part of the city has some religious buildings like churches and mosques.

The Ethnographic Museum of Berat: It is inside a traditional house, which dates back to the end of 18th century CE. The house of the Xhokaxhi family. The house is a real complex indeed, where all the elements, such as the garden and the museum complex of the other houses around are witness to a rich ethnographic culture. In the interior setting of the museum, there are 1000 objects on display that belong to the region of Berat.

Berat Castle: Berat Castle, a fortress landmark in the city of Berat, Albania, lies high above the Osum River. The castle dates back 2,500 years and records of its first conquering were accomplished by the Romans in 200 B.C.

Recommended Sights:

1. Observe the heavily fortified entrance from the South side.
2. Enter the maze of residences and possibly visit the Museum.
3. Relax in the courtyard with a refreshment.
4. Sight-see on the corners overlooking the downtown of Berat.
5. For the adventurous, climb the Red Mosque’s minaret, at your own risk, for a 360 degree view of Berat Castle and the city of Berat. (Additional churches outside the castle can be seen and the hill across the river holds the ruins of Gorica Castle.)

The Church of St. Triadha: Dating back to the end of the thirteenth century and beginning of the fourteenth century. Very interesting frescoes are found inside it. Speculations are that the chapel might have been built on the foundations of the ruins of a pagan temple. The temple was built to honor the goddess Artemis, from which the present name Ardenicë derives.

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