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Highlighters in your makeup collection
April 26, 2015, 1:37 pm

One of the simplest ways to inject some dew into your look is to swipe a highlighter here or there, generally all the sharp edges of your face like cheek bones, brow bone, down the nose, and cupid’s bow. Highlighter is also the lazy way to contour if you can’t quite get the shadow part down. While there are many products to choose from, you probably have a secret highlighter in your makeup arsenal already. Here are a few things you can use to do the dew.

Vaseline: Most petroleum-based balms can work wonders for your makeup look. These wonder-balms are super hydrating to begin with, so you are probably already using them for lip balm, moisturizing cuticles, or other scaly bits. Rub the tiniest bit on your cheekbones, under brow bones, and even dot in the inner corners of your eyes for a literal dewy glow. The trick is that less is truly more with this method, lest you wish to look covered in slime.

Lip Gloss: Kind of like the above, the benefit of lipgloss is that you can also impart on your cheeks a tint of color or shimmer with the same light-reflecting gleam.

Eyeshadow: Powder or cream, you can find a whole range of shades with your desired level of shimmer. Cream eyeshadows in the right shade can be used to give any fashionista a sunny, gleaming look as if they had been sweating just slightly.

Face oils: The moisturizing oil treatments you apply at night, so as to look fresh faced and beautiful in the morning. These are perfect highlighters since they can reflect light. If you want to use them as such, then targeted placement is key. The good thing about oil is that while it might be slightly drippy to apply, your skin absorbs it, providing a more natural-looking glow.

Pat on some extra moisturizer: This is one of those real ‘in a pinch’ kind of things, but when you have a face moisturizer that you love; you can reapply it throughout the day, especially if you are taking a flight where pressurized cabin air can suck the moisture from your skin. If you want to use it to highlight your facial features, just pat on strategic areas and your skin will suddenly appear so much more hydrated. A gel-based moisturizer is a good bet if you aren’t sure where to start. Your thicker winter moisturizers are also a great pick for this purpose.

Concealers: Specifically, ones with brightening properties more so than zit-hiding capabilities. Think light and luminous, not cakey and skin-colored. These concealers are generally used to brighten up your eye area, but you can use it all over your face. 

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