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Highlight your eyes for that extra ‘pop’
May 23, 2013, 9:19 pm


It has been often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The trick of well highlighting your eyes is an easy way to brighten up your face.

Some people want to highlight the colour of their eyes, but don't know which colour suits them the best. Before you apply any colour of eyeliner or eye shadow, apply some moisturizer on your eyelids so that the colour is retained for longer.

Brown eyes: To make your eyes stand out, use purple eyeliner or eye shadow on your lids. The soft purple colour highlights the warm brown tone of the eyes. This eye colour is the easiest to compliment. Every shade suits brown eyes without making them look tacky. Chose a darker liner in the shade of eye shadow you have applied to give a subtler look. Earthy colours like green, grey, brown, blue and pink go well with this eye colour. Black eyeliner also gives the eyes a dramatic effect. If you want some shimmer, add some gold or brown metallic tones. They will make your eyes look more attractive.

Green eyes: Plum and burgundy colours highlight green eyes in the best way. These dark colours add a more dramatic effect to the light green of the eyes. Avoid using blues, pinks and whites as the light colour has the opposite effect with light green eyes. To add shine, bronze, gold and copper eye shadow colours can be used. It's better to opt for a brown liner over black.

Blue eyes: Warmer tones look best on blue eyes. Copper is one colour that enhances the blue tones of the eyes. To add shimmer, gold or bronze eye shadow can be used. Shiny pink shades can work too. Brown also enhances the blue of the eyes. Instead of using black coloured mascara, it is advisable to use a brown one as this colour makes the lashes look more natural.

Grey eyes: They are the easiest to work with as they are not too dark and neither too bright. Almost all the colours go well with these eyes. Black eyeliner gives the eyes a more dramatic effect while lighter hues like brown copper, bronze etc, make the eyes look warmer and make them stand out more. Some of the colours that can be avoided are pink, white and yellow.

The smoky eye effect works with every eye colour. Smoky eyes especially at night look more glamorous and dramatic. The best eye shadow combination will be a mix of two or three colours that go well together. It is also important to choose shadow colours that go well with your skin tones. Also, you can choose more neutral shades for blush and your lip colour. This helps keep the focus on your eyes. It Is important to try and see what works best for you, because what suits someone else might not suit you at all.

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