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Higher Education accepts 70 students for high school scholarships plan 18-19
August 29, 2018, 9:11 am

Kuwait's Ministry for Higher Education announced Tuesday the approval of 70 students as part of the English High school scholarsbip plan for the academic year 2018­19.

In a press statement, the Assistant Undersecretary for Scholarships, Equations and Cultural Relations, Fatima Sinan said the English high school plan included all students applying who met the conditions and requierments for scholarship in the intended countries.

The students were accepted to study in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, Sinan said.

Sinan explained that a student must complete their documents required in the electronic system here as well, noting that it is possible to see the requirements for each country on the ministry's website. She also stressed the need to adhere to the deadline set by the Ministry for students admitted so that they have time to be part of the scholarships.

Source: KUNA

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