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Hershey’s whips up sweet delights on 3D Printer
September 28, 2015, 4:12 pm

Hershey’s recently demonstrated the capabilities of its CocoJet 3D printer by printing out uniquely designed delicious candy. A possible contender to the ubiquitous candy machines, the new CocoJet 3D printer will allow you to interact with a library of 3D graphics, or your own designs on mobile devices and get the machine to print out chocolates in different designs, including complicated hexagons and intricately laced patterns.

While there are other chocolate-centric 3D printers out there and some 3D food printers can also take on the silky smooth texture of chocolate, Hershey’s claim that its CocoJet 3D is the most technologically advanced chocolate 3D printer. However, Hershey’s says its CocoJet is the most technologically advanced chocolate 3D printer currently in operation.

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