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Help your students develop a love for reading with these easy tips
October 9, 2016, 12:17 pm

Ways to make reading an enjoyable habit for students

Start with a mini habit: With reading, start slow. Perhaps you could set a time limit of two to three minutes, and then gradually add a minute at a time. Longer periods of reading are obviously preferred, but reading consistently, over a period of time, is an effective way to create that habit.

Add variety to reading:  For reluctant readers, or even those who need a change, use different forms of reading sources and not just books. Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, recipes, audio books and online reading can add a new dimension of skill and enjoyment.

Model reading: Share your love of reading with your class. Tell them about some of your favorite books when you were young and let them see what books you are currently reading.

Make reading assignments positive: Avoid making students read as a form of punishment. Students need to see that reading is a fun habit and not a chore, competition or test.

Read aloud to the class: No matter what the age of your students, give them the chance to form pictures in their heads as you read to them.

Have students read to others: Have students read to a parent, a younger sibling or a pet. Ask them to report back on how the listener reacted to the story.

Build reading time in your classroom every day: Help students develop the habit by consistently setting aside a few minutes a day for your class to relax with a book.  Once they realize you think reading is important, they are more likely to think it is important too.

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