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Heguru – Japan’s premium right-brain creativity school
November 15, 2015, 1:03 pm

Heguru, a unique right-brain activity program from Japan, launched its first center in the Middle East in Kuwait in January, and since then, has been successful in training young children to succeed and develop to their full potential. HEGL, pronounced as Heguru is an effective early childhood ‘Right Brain’ education program that was founded in Japan by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi in Japan over 30 years ago.

With headquarters in Tokyo, Heguru has branches worldwide in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. Heguru Kuwait answered some questions from The Times Kuwait on its unique education program and its benefits for children.

What exactly is right-brain training and how does it work?

Conventional education methods focus on how instructors teach children, however, the Heguru method lays emphasize on ways to enhance the child’s ability to learn. Babies use mostly their right-brain to process information. The right brain training involves the development of the right side of the brain by exposing children to a great deal of information very quickly, which is important to keep up with the right-brain which processes information instantaneously. This stimulates the right-brain to form many neuro-connections.

What is the difference between right and left brain?

The right-brain works with images, it automatically processes large amounts of data at a high speed whereas the left brain understands information at a very low speed and is only able to process a small amount of information one at a time.

Why are right-brain training programs offered at Heguru important?

At Heguru, we believe that rightbrain training is essential to children for the development of good memory, excellent focus and the ability to process information very quickly. Learning is a long journey, but if children have been through the right-brain training, they will be able to process information far better than their peers. These skills acquired after training can then be applied to academic learning, sports and music throughout the entire life of children.

Is there a right age to start rightbrain training?

The earlier a child starts, the more effective the training. It is best to start early because the critical period of a child’s brain development is during the first six years, when the brain is highly malleable. In fact, at Heguru, there are classes for children as young as six months old.

What kind of education does Heguru offer?

Heguru offers four courses: Prenatal Education, Infant and Toddler class, Preschool, and Primary class. At present, Heguru offers Infant and Toddler class for children aged 6 months to 6 years. The Preschool class will be starting early next year. All the teachers are sent to the headquarters in Japan for training to understand the underlying philosophies for each course. They are passionate and dedicated to children and are competent to give lessons with the end goals in mind – how to best stimulate the child’s right-brain.

What can parents expect when they send their children for lessons at Heguru, Kuwait?

At the classes, parents will be able to find out what their children’s learning needs are and what activities their children enjoy most and develop their interest. We also have a lot of songs and dances that encourage children to participate, providing a fun way for children to absorb the information in classrooms with two teachers present.

If you would like to find out more about the right-brain training method offered at Heguru in Kuwait, feel free to visit the center and call on 25625500/50988765 to know more.

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