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Heavy rains kill nine in Oman, other 170 rescued
November 24, 2013, 12:19 pm

Heavy rains in Oman that have been ongoing since last week killed nine people, while more than 170 were rescued accross various parts in the country.

A statement by Oman Royal Police said on Sunday that a low air front suffered during the last few days resulted in the deaths, including seven Omanis, and two of other nationalities.

Omani police in cooperation with the Public Administration of Civil Defense and Ambulance Unit carried out 170 rescue operations; most of them targetting drivers attempting to cross valleys during the heavy rains.

With the help of a group of people, the police also on Saturday morning rescued a total of 25 people stuck inside a bus in a valley in Adh Dhahirah Governorate as they were attempting to cross a valley.

Another two citizens, who were drafted by waters as they were attempting to cross the valley in theire car were also rescued by the police.

The Police Aviation Directorate is contributing in monitoring operations, and is assisting in the rescue operations, while police patrols have been deployed all over the country to maintain public safety.

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