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Heartfulness Relaxation to reduce stress and increase focus
October 19, 2015, 3:30 pm

Study after study shows that relaxation by meditation helps reduce stress, improve emotional outlook and provide balance for individuals at home, in schools or at the workplace. With work related stress, depression and anxiety accounting for nearly 40 percent of all work related illnesses, the time may be right for everyone to practice a holistic program of relaxation such as meditation.

Heartfulness is a simple, practical way to learn to relax and discover the unlimited resources of the heart.  Through the workshops, participants develop calmness from within leading to better concentration, inner balance and true wellness of being. 

At the work place, this can result in individuals who are more focused and committed; teams that are better integrated and more effective, ultimately resulting in a healthier, more productive work environment. It also helps build empathy towards, self and others while allowing students to better their performance in studies.

In line with this thought, the Heartfulness team in Kuwait conducted Heartfulness sessions with Indian Central School Abbassiya for 250 teachers and plans to have similar sessions with senior students in future. Shantha Maria James, Principal of Indian Central School was the early adopter, as she felt that getting her teachers relaxed will help them to have better control over their physical and emotional well-being and enhance their quality of life and output.

Recently the American Society of Safety Engineers along with Raja Company, the foremost safety supplier in Kuwait, joined hands to organize a seminar on Health, Safety and Environment for around 200 engineers. A five-minute meditation session of Heartfulness relaxation was incorporated into the seminar under the banner ‘Peace of mind ensures safe work environments’.

Local community support groups, like Diabetic Support Group in Salmiya, which is working towards diabetic awareness and wellness of its members and the community at large, also conducted the Heartfulness Relaxation meditation at their monthly program in October.

The above sessions outline the need for a relaxed and stress free life for our wellbeing whether we are students, corporate employees or individuals.
After the initial three-day, one-hour, introductory sessions, the Heartfulness relaxation method can be practiced by participants at their own homes or collectively in groups as part of Trained Personnel Guided Meditation. Individual sessions, after the introductory ones, are also conducted.

Heartfulness, which has developed a series of meditation workshops for schools and businesses, would like to share simple relaxation and meditation techniques with corporate teams, schools and individuals to help improve wellness of being, all delivered free of any charges.

For individual, schools and corporate sessions in Kuwait the organizers can be contacted by email: or through their website at or contact numbers 99661083/65938790


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