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Health ministry files report against lawyer who fabricated 'fake doctor' item
July 18, 2017, 8:52 am

The Ministry of Health on Monday submitted a report to the Attorney General Dherar Al-Assoussi against a lawyer who fabricated a story about a Bangali expat who impersonated as a doctor. The ministry filed the report as part of its responsibilities and interest in whatever is published or circulated through social networking, as well as for taking legal action against rumor mongers, health ministry spokesman Ahmad Al-Shatti said in a statement.

In a previous statement on Sunday, the ministry said it had examined information circulated on the issue, and had contacts with the Ministry of Interior, which in turn found there was no evidence the story was true.

The ministry noted that the lawyer who posted the "fake doctor" item on social media did not offer any documents to prove his account was true, calling on citizens and residents not to care much for such false stories.

The ministry expressed thanks and appreciation to the Interior ministry and its competent agencies for their efforts in dealing with these allegations in record time. It also indicated that "these allegations undermine the confidence in health services and affect the stability and security of the sector."

Source: KUNA

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