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Health care costs in Kuwait to soar to US$8 billion
January 23, 2017, 4:58 pm

Health care in the State of Kuwait is forecast to grow by 7.5 percent per year till 2020, projected to reach US$8 billion, according to Global Investment House. Population is also predicted to swell by 3.4 percent, per annum, reaching 4.7 million by 2020, the company said in a report released on Monday.

Kuwait posted growth in inflation rate in health sector at 1.9 percent annually in September 2016, with health care spending amounting to US$ 5.2 billion in 2014. The population grew by 2.8 percent per year over the past five years, due to high inflow of expatriates.

Intensive health care largely contributed to decreasing death rates, with life longevity posted at 74 years for males and 76 years for females in 2015. It is much higher than the average age in other countries of the globe, standing generally at 71.4 years, in contrast to 60 years in 1960. Kuwait spent up to US$5.2 billion on health care in 2014, with a rise of 15.5 percent as compared to 2013, according to statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Health expenditure per capita doubled in the past two decades, amounting to US$1,384 in 2014, rising by US$618 in 1995. This figure is much lower than the ones in member states of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [grouping largely wealthy nations], amounting to US$3,531 per person.


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