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Health Ministry demands guarantor for poor expat patients
December 12, 2018, 2:43 pm

To ensure the medical fees are collected from expats whose circumstances make it difficult to meet payments, the Health Ministry released a circular stipulating that an expatriate patient should be accompanied by a guarantor who will sign a commitment to cover the costs of medical services during the patient’s stay at the hospital.

The commitment should be signed before admittance of the patient to the hospital, and it will include various details about the patient and the guarantor. Failure on the part of the guarantor to pay the bill will prompt the ministry to take swift legal action to collect the fees.

Meanwhile, the ministry also issued another circular that necessitates the guardian or parent has to sign a form on behalf of their child who needs dental care to give their approval for the treatment plan. This includes procedures such as the use of local or general anesthesia for tooth extraction and other services like X-ray. The form will also include information about the child (patient) and the guardian or parents such as the name, civil ID number, and relationship between the patient and the guardian.

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