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Haute hoops
August 11, 2016, 3:17 pm

Hoop earrings have long been a jewelry box mainstay, and while bold trends like ear crawlers, cuffs, and that ilk will always make a fashionable statement, there are style trendsetters who will say that hoop earrings are the ultimate classy look. Here are some tips to shop for hoop earrings.

Choose the right size: Some women avoid hoops earrings as they tend to cheapen an outfit and make it look tacky. The key to achieving a tasteful edge for your attire is to pick a pair that is the right size for your face.  Avoid a pair that is too big and unsuitable for your style. Also, take note of the different varieties of hoop earrings and decide whether you are more comfortable with gold, silver or brightly colored hoops.

Choose a flattering design: If you are the sort of person whose tastes are minimalistic, then a pair of hoops with a classic and simple design will serve you well.  Alternatively, you can also rock a pair with small to medium embellishments to lend some color to your ensemble. If you are so inclined, loud hoop earrings with dangling feathers and beads or excessive details can make quite a statement.

Make it the focal point of your look: Hoops can be a great fashion statement on their own so if the pair for the day is vibrant and eye-catching, keep the rest of your accessories subtle. Going overboard with other accessories will distract and make your look too busyness.

Let your hair down: It is common practice that when you wear statement earrings, you keep your hair up to show it off. For when your hoops are loud and not so subtle, you can add to the style with a cute hairstyle where your hair is free. For hoops that are medium sized or less, your hair can be tied into ponytails or buns. A plait also goes well with hoops.

The simple metallic hoop earring options are a good choice for almost every hairstyle and face shape so it’s a good idea to have a nice selection of them in your jewelry box.

Choose the right neckline: The hoops go very well with outfits sporting boat neck and off –shoulder necklines. It is in your best interest to avoid v-neck dresses and collared outfits as they tend to hide the sparkle of the earrings. Though the right hoop earrings go well with formals and casuals, provided the earrings there is some cohesion in the overall outfit be it through matching colors or metallics. Two of the most favorable necklines for hoop earrings are the turtleneck and the strap necklaces for they emphasis the hoops to make them look fun and chic.

Keep your makeup look simple: Another way to pull off hoops in a classy vibe is to keep your makeup simple. Avoid wearing excessive makeup that is too heavy or overdoing it with colors similar to your hoop earrings. You should be careful to ensure every aspect of your look is complimentary.


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