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Harvey Nichols launches Kaftan apparels
April 3, 2016, 12:06 pm

As the Holy Month of Ramadan draws close, the social calendar will start filling up with Iftar and Ghabga invites and a stylish kaftan would make the ideal choice of attire. With the temperature on the rise, a full-length kaftan in all its traditional glory offers the perfect addition to your wardrobe this Ramadan.

Harvey Nichols Kuwait has collaborated with local and regional designers to bring you unique options that you can find exclusively at their store.

Al Meida

Al Meida Design studio is a high fashion luxury label fueled by constant influence of Philo Almeida's love of beauty. Her constant pulse on trends and new innovative combinations reflects a design sensibility of what women represent so well, confidence. This collection, which is exclusively created for Harvey Nichols Kuwait reflects her vision of elegance, modernity, power, and beauty.

Anfal Designs

Anfal designs are all about being young at heart. The collection is free spirited and channels every girl's inner bohemian. Anfal's boho-chic designs transition smoothly from daytime to evening as the prints and silhouettes work for both casual and formal events.


Young, fresh and fearless. Ayakhair designs clothes for the stylish young girl who is not afraid to push the boundaries. She merges classic and traditional prints with modern and edgy designs to create unique looks for those who are fashion forward.


Azalea designs kaftans that have a touch of the romantic past. Traditional with a modern twist, each Kaftan tells a story. Using patterns that reflect our rich heritage, mixing them with modern tailoring and silhouettes, and adding a touch of artistic flair creates one of a kind piece that take their wearer on a journey.


Founded by Fadwa Baruni, the typical Baruni customer is a difficult lady to pin down; it is more about a taste and style than a particular age or other demographic. The inspiration for the collection comes from nature and art. The collection is a combination of the explosion of colour in Jackson Pollock’s art and lily flowers.

By Nouma

Nouma's inspiration this year was modern Arabic culture, mixed with whites, beiges, golds, flowers, and embellishments. The inspiration is an Arabian princess, with neutral colours and pearl white and gold touches which compliments bronzed and sun kissed skin tones.

By Reem A.K.

Famed for their mother-daughter matching pieces, this collection is all about bold colours and prints to brighten up every room you walk into. The collection is about having fun and enjoying life. From the wonderful bright colours to the simple yet bold prints, every kaftan from this collection makes a statement.

Dar Al Aseel by Amal Al Raisi

Omani fashion house Dar Al Aseel by designer Amal Al Raisi designs kaftans that radiate elegance. Using classic silhouettes with romantic fabrics, these kaftans reflect the sophisticated and timeless aesthetic of the designer.

Double De

Designer Hanouf Buarki takes the classic kaftan and injects it with a modern trendy touch. Using bright colour accents and embroidery, these kaftans take classic silhouettes and add that extra je ne sais quoi that makes the pieces unmistakably Double De.

Elegant by Laila

Designer Laila Alhanbali is all about using the best fabrics to create her masterpieces. The luxurious fabrics used in the design of these kaftans are regal and striking. Every lady will feel like royalty when she puts on one of Elegant by Laila's designs.


I_Love_Dara3a was cofounded in 2013 by four Kuwaiti designers, who are famed for their modern and stylish designs. They have received great media attention across for their distinctive designs, colours and cuts.


Design duo Khaled and Dana Tuwairish present a collection of kaftans that is truly one of a kind. Each piece from the collection reflects the hours of work put into creating the masterpiece. Their designs are all about attention to detail and that can be seen through the intricate embroidery found in their pieces. The kaftans are truly a work of art.


A Saudi fashion designer, polished her talent by studying tailoring in Switzerland and design in Jeddah, adopts authenticity and modernity. As a professional fashion designer, she aims to establish her own identity locally, regionally and internationally. Ten years following her initial step, her works are sold in Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar and Dubai.

Montaha Couture

Kuwaiti fashion designer and businesswoman, Montaha Al Ajeel launched her first collection in Kuwait in 2003 and has since showcased her designs at the fashion week in Dubai and New York. Montaha’s aim is to showcase to the world, the elegance and style of the women in the Gulf.

QE63A Collection

Fun and playful, these kaftans are all about making a statement. Wearing a piece from Qe63a collection will command attention when you enter the room. Bright colours and bold prints give these kaftans a unique look that is all about leaving a lasting impression.

Seam Kaftans

The Saudi and Kuwaiti designers behind Seam Kaftans translate their taste of modern bohemia into this collection that celebrates femininity. With understated prints and embellishments, these kaftans bring out your inner hippy in the chicest way possible and Harvey Nichols absolutely adore their vibe.

Yasmin Sultan

Yasmin Sultan, the designer behind the namesake label, loves bold prints and that can be seen throughout the collection. For lovers of fearless fashion, these kaftans offer a creatively vibrant take on the traditional. Using floral prints and patterns, each piece is uniquely vibrant.

Zayan The Label

Zayan The Label is designer Zayan Ghandour’s contemporary ready-to-wear line featuring signature hand-embroidered motifs and prints, innovative cuts and modern silhouettes. A decidedly feminine spirit informs every collection, be it through the dainty use of a signature narrative, an unexpected design twist or a bright pop of colour where you least expect it. Every season, a tale of love and light is unraveled, and the delight is always in the details.

Zena Presley

Inspired by her interest for the expressionist art movement, Zena Presley’s second collection orchestrates a pivotal stance in the art meets fashion world. Striking a balance between femininity and strength, the collection encapsulates the contemporary artistic movement of expressionism. Taking inspiration from the modernist avant-garde style, Presley is drawn to portray the world solely from a subjective manor, distorting it radically to evoke one’s moods or ideas. The collection seeks to depict an emotional experience, through fashion as expressionism does via art.

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