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March 13, 2016, 9:38 am

A traditional form of greeting in Kuwait, ‘Hanhum’ was uttered by any person entering a room full of people enjoying a meal. Those dining would then reply by saying ‘wintaminhum’, which means they were inviting the guest to join them for the meal. So it is only apt that a restaurant serving traditional and wholesome homemade cuisine in Kuwait should go by the name of Hanhum.

Watch the fascinating bread-making process involved in baking the Tanour bread and get to sample some of it too at the Hanhum. From Baith Butat, filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes and vegetables, to Imsakhan, which is Tanour filled with chicken, sumac, pine nuts and a garlic sauce, or the sweet delicacy that is filled generously with Nutella, the menu at the Hanhum is a fusion of new and old. If you are looking for a contemporary take on traditional Kuwaiti cuisine you cannot go wrong at Hanhum.

Our choice: Machbous Diyay, a Kuwaiti specialty with Kuwaiti spiced chicken accompanied by basmati rice, stuffing on the side and assorted condiments.

Location: Café Court, Al-Hamra Luxury Center. Call: 2227 0234. 

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