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Handling job promotions
February 10, 2014, 3:12 pm

With the euphoria of being promoted often comes the dread of the unknown. You begin to wonder whether you are qualified to do the job, or if the people under you will accept your new status.  Try this methodical approach to ease yourself into the new post.

Set your expectations:  Before managing other people’s expectations, you need to figure out your own. Whatever you want to establish in your new post, you need to outline these goals before going forward.
Talk to the new team:  Employees are cautious about new bosses, they wonder about their new responsibilities and the state of the workplace. Squash their uncertainty and establish communication lines the first day. Get everyone in a room and break down your goals and theirs. Schedule one-on-one meetings with them regularly to determine how they are adjusting to any changes you have instituted, as well as to just check in on their well-being at work.

Invest in training: There is a reason why management training is not a one-day affair. Not only are you learning to cope with more responsibilities, but you are being put in a position to steer the ship better than the person who came before you. Invest time and the right training to build better leadership skills for your team, learn time management skills and educate yourself on other lessons, such as how to run meetings more efficiently.

Multitask to the minimum: The need to prove yourself quickly can make you tweak routines you normally wouldn’t tweak, such as multitasking. You were great at it before the promotion, so why not crank it up and show your team how flexible your brain is. Well, it turns out the brain is not as versatile as we would like it to be. Too much multitasking also makes you prone to errors from distractions. 

Find work/life balance: Sometimes it is hard to avoid burnout at work after a new promotion, because you are trying to manage expectations and how your employees feel about you as their boss. That might mean you stay later at work. Your time away from the office is valuable. There is such a thing as smart hustle and hustling just to hustle, because you don’t know any better. Avoid the latter by learning to maximize your time when at work and having the awareness to shut off from work as soon as you leave.

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