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Handling difficult job interviews
March 9, 2014, 2:47 pm

Job interviews can be an unnerving experience for many. An interviewer who is not focused or is unprepared for a professional interview might try to hide that fact behind irrelevant questions. Do not show your exasperation; instead attempt to direct such questions so as to reflect your competencies, or how you can add value to the company. Here are a few ideas on how to face sticky interview questions with confidence.  

Tell Me about Yourself: It is one of the most commonly asked interview question, yet it frequently still rattles interviewees. The trick is to make your response a succinct summary of information that is specifically targeted to the job you are interviewing for.

What are your weaknesses: In response you could try to spin a weakness into a strenght or better still talk about an area that was once a weakness but that you have worked to improve.

Why should we hire you: This is your chance to shine, to really make a sales pitch for yourself. Use your Unique Selling Proposition to describe what sets you apart from other candidates. The employer will be making a significant investment in hiring and training you, so tell the interviewer that this investment will be justified

Reasons for leaving previous job: It is always uncomfortable to be asked your reasons for leaving a job, especially if you were terminated. Do not lie about it, but also do not dwell on it. You could explain that you and the company were not a good fit, hence your performance suffered. Or that you and your supervisor had differing viewpoints. Emphasize what you learned from the experience that will prevent you from repeating it and ensure that you will perform well in the future.

Where do you see yourself in five years: Interviewees are often asked, where do they see themselves in five or ten years. Strike a delicate balance when responding to this kind of question, with just the right mix of honesty, ambition, and your desire to be working at this company long-term..

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