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Haitham Alsarraf explores nuances of Kuwait
February 24, 2016, 6:00 pm

Celebrated Kuwaiti author Haitham Alsarraf held a book-signing event for his two non-fiction novels, ‘Inshallah, Habibi’ and ‘Invasion Occupation Awakening’ on 23 February at the Sirdab Lab in downtown Kuwait City.

The book promotion, organized by Sirdab Lab, an innovative platform that encourages aspiring digital entrepreneurs in Kuwait, was co-sponsored by lifestyle concept store The Yard and its partner restaurant, Q at The Yard, with event hosts The Divan.The literary event, held against the backdrop of celebrations marking Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days, provided fans of the author a chance to meet one of Kuwait’ most promising upcoming writers.

Alsarraf, who teaches English at Kuwait University, is founder and editor of the university’s literary magazine 'Perceptions' and the online literary magazine, 'Kaleidoscope'. His works have found their way to international publications, including Mashallah News, Pif Magazine, Sukoon, Egg Barrel and others.

Speaking at the book-signing ceremony, Alsarraf revealed that writing for him is a special, beautiful release and partly a spiritual journey that allows him to investigate his mind and emotions. He discussed interesting aspects of his books, providing background details, his musings on the subjects and how they relate to real-time events in Kuwait. Elucidating the various ways his characters experience the changing society in both his books, he showed how their journey defines their characters.

The author also offered his insights on the multi-faceted Kuwaiti society, its culture and norms. He presented an introspection of Kuwait society through his characters and encouraged readers to explore the dynamics of the country in addition to awakening new ideas. His also said his time spent studying in America helped shape his individualistic personality that enables him to look at Kuwait with a different view; examining the faults and issues that few authors delve into.

His book ‘Invasion Occupation Awakening’ is unique in its coverage of the events of the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation, with his experiences and eye-witness accounts forming a large part of the book’s narrative.

His talk was not confined to his books, as he shared thought-provoking observations about the country’s progress through the years, it economic, cultural and social growth, and what he perceived are the changes affecting young Kuwaitis.

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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