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Habits of mentally strong women
September 28, 2015, 5:31 pm

Mental strength, like any other human trait, is developed over time. In addition to avoiding the things that could hold them back, mentally strong people create healthy habits that assist them in growing stronger. Here are a few habits that women who choose to make personal development a priority can do to strengthen their mental muscles.

Use their mental energy wisely:  It is easy to get distracted throughout the day by a variety of unimportant and unproductive tasks. Mentally strong women choose to use their time and energy carefully. They devote their efforts to the things that matter most so they can accomplish their goals.

Reframe their negative thoughts: Most women have negative thoughts sometimes, but mentally strong women do not allow such thoughts to hold them back or drag them down. Instead, they respond to their pessimistic predictions and harsh criticisms with a more productive inner dialogue. They stay motivated to do their best by talking to themselves like a trusted friend or a helpful coach.

Work toward established goals: Mentally strong women establish clear personal and professional goals that give them meaning and purpose. They forgo immediate gratification by keeping their long-term goals in mind. They view obstacles as challenges, rather than roadblocks to their success.

Reflect on their progress: Mentally strong women reflect on their progress toward their goals every day. They set aside time to examine what they are doing well, and they humbly acknowledge areas that need improvement. They hold themselves accountable for mistakes and they constantly strive to grow better.

Tolerate discomfort for a greater purpose: While some women go to great lengths to avoid any type of distress, mentally strong women tolerate discomfort only when it serves a greater purpose. Whether they are exercising when they feel tired, or they are delivering a speech when they feel terrified, they use their pain to become better.

Practice gratitude:  You cannot be at your best if you are insisting you deserve better. Mentally strong women acknowledge they already have everything they need. They recognize their good fortune and express gratitude for all things big and small.

Balance emotions with logic:  Mentally strong women know their feelings play a major role in their perceptions and their behavior. They pay close attention to the ways their emotions could influence their judgment. They carefully balance their emotions with logic so they can make the best possible decisions.

Live according to their values: Although it may be tempting to measure your self-worth by comparing yourself to your competition, mentally strong women do not fall prey to such distractions. They focus on living according to their values and doing their best, despite their circumstances. 

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