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H.H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed addresses Francophonie Day ceremony
March 23, 2015, 4:23 pm

Celebrating the International Francophonie Day recalls solemn human meanings and elevated civilized concepts, besides reinforcing values of toleration and a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among various cultures, H.H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah had said in French during a ceremony marking the International Francophonie Day. The event was held Sunday night at the residence of France's Ambassador to Kuwait Christian Nakhlah. Sheikhs, Ministers, ambassadors and senior state officials attended the event.

These grand values and concepts are badly needed amid the "deteriorating situation in the Middle East" as the region is exposed to "a fierce attack by terrorist groups targeting its formation, integrity, culture and ancient heritage," he added. These groups have destabilized peace, disseminated terror, wreaked destruction and murder and forced their barbaric concepts on the regions they control, attacking religious and ethnic minorities, he told the ceremony.

Moreover, they have destroyed antiquities of the areas they have seized "out of belief that such criminal acts would change history, or forge it, how impossible!" he said. "However, the region, with its deeply rooted cultural and human heritage dating back to thousands of years is capable of defeating terrorism," he stressed.

H.H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed also underlined keenness by the State of Kuwait to embrace "cultures and arts in the region" relying not only on the basic factors of wealth and a confirmed desire but also on an "advanced people who have been open to others' cultures for long years."

He referred to the recently opened French Language and Cultures Department at the Kuwait University in cooperation with the Sorbonne. This academic and cultural event is expected to be of great significance for the future of the Arab-Francophonic cultural cooperation.

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