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Gym Team members engage on Gymstick and circuit workout
January 16, 2016, 1:52 pm

Members of The Gym Team took on a triad exercise, the Gymstick, Circuit and Zumba workouts with returning instructor Judith, former trainer from Champions, Iranian ZIN Aghdas and Communication Associate and fitness trainer of Viking Club Ricky Laxa on Friday morning.

The workout comprised of warm up led by Judith paired with low impact floor and lower body workout. Laxa added to the class with circuit routines combining the Gymstick and weights. Aghdas followed with a half hour workout of Zumba. “The Gym Team members are high spirited and it shows in their passion and love for fitness workouts. They incorporate fun, which inspires us instructors to deliver good routines during the class. I thank them for giving me the chance to teach and show my skills in the field of Zumba,” said Aghdas from Iran.

The Gym Team members attempted on hand held weights and the gymstick with Laxa. The Gymstick is made of a stick and resistance rubber bands attached at both ends and hooked either on the feet or arms. Adjustment on resistance of the rubber bands is done by rolling the rubbers around the stick. Laxa stated that the gymstick was created to suit the fitness capacity of every individual and an effective tool to complement cardio workouts.

The Gym team coordinator also announced that a masterclass incorporating basic approaches to Cross fit to be delivered by Croatian trainer Igor Illijin of Viking Club and fun hiphop with Chris Balingit of Viking Club and former member of Philippines’ renowned dance group G Force on the 12 February at Failaka Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel. Number of slots are limited and the organizer urged participants to register early. Certificate of participation will be given to all attendees and refreshments are included. Other announcements also included; weekly class on the 22nd of this month to be held at the Failaka Hall.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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